Why is my card not working?
Some card issuers restrict the purchase of CBD products and other supplements.
If you wish to proceed with an order and you are unable to use your card, you are welcome to pay via bank transfer.
All of our orders are still sent via fully tracked couriers to your requested delivery address.
We constantly check this bank account and will dispatch your order immediately upon receiving the payment.
Please select 'Bank Transfer' at the checkout. 


What is CBD?
CBD stands for ‘Cannabidiol’. This non-psychoactive compound is extracted from the cannabis (hemp) plant and is one of many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.


How do I use Beast Pharm CBD?
Beast Pharm CBD products are available in several forms. We offer sublingual oil, gummies, capsules and topical massage balms. Each product has its own specific instructions and we recommend reading the label thoroughly before using any of our products.


What does full spectrum mean? 
There are hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis (hemp) plant and CBD is just one of them. Full spectrum means that all the cannabinoids are extracted from the plant, each cannabinoid has its own unique properties which contribute to the overall effect. Beast Pharm Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains all of these cannabinoids to ensure the final product is as effective as possible.


How long will a 10ml bottle of Beast Pharm CBD Oil last?
Each bottle of Beast Pharm CBD Oil contains approximately 200 drops. The average user will take 2-3 drops, 1-2 times per day, so a single 10ml bottle will last between 4 and 8 weeks.  


Are Beast Pharm CBD products psychoactive?
All Beast Pharm CBD products contain less than 0.01% THC. This means they are not psychoactive and will not get you 'high'.


Are Beast Pharm CBD products legal?
All Beast Pharm CBD products contain less than the legal limit of THC (0.01%) and are 100% legal. 


Are there any side effects from Beast Pharm CBD?
Side effects from CBD oil are extremely rare and mild. Taking too much too quickly can sometimes make you feel tired or result in loose bowel movements. We always recommend starting with a low dose to assess your tolerance and slowly increase from there.


Can I take Beast Pharm CBD products with my medication?
Research on CBD is still limited; however, we recommend consulting your doctor or physician before using CBD products if you are taking any medication.


Can I take Beast Pharm CBD while pregnant?
Many people take CBD products whilst pregnant, however, our recommendation is to avoid using CBD while you are pregnant and to check with your doctor or physician if you do choose to use CBD products.


Do you ship worldwide?
All our products can be shipped worldwide and shipped via a tracked service. We recommend checking the laws in your country before placing your order.
Beast Pharm is not responsible and will not issue refunds for any international shipments that are lost, stolen, or taken by customs.
For detailed shipping information please click HERE.


Am I able to travel abroad with CBD?
CBD is legal for personal use in most European countries; however we strongly recommend that you check the laws in all of the countries you are visiting before you travel.